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The Cayman Turtle Farm doesn't need to close, but it does need to change. Change is possible, it has been done before. Share this infographic with your friends to show how the Farm could transition into a rehabilitation and release facility.

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Our investigation revealed the horrors of the Cayman Turtle Farm: sea turtles in dirty and densely packed tanks, bred for meat. It’s a daily torture. Call for the end of sea turtle farming today.

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If you’ve been to the farm and seen the suffering first hand, why not post a review on Trip Advisor?

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The Farm claims to have made some improvements recently. But we don't think they go far enough. Tweet the Farm to let them know that you want sea turtle farming to stop.

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See our suggestions


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The Cayman Turtle Farm asks for recommendations on its Facebook page. We suggest you make one: that it stops sea turtle farming today. Send your own message or copy and paste one of our suggestions below.